Meatguy Steakhouse II

27th June 2024
Beneath the glamour of Meatguy Steakhouse II in SCBD Park, the meat of the matter still lies in appreciating the journey behind every quality cut of steak.

For restaurateur Dimas Ramadhan Pangestu, widely known by his online persona ‘Dimsthemeatguy’ on Instagram, the quest for quality steak meat is akin to mining for gold—it’s a journey marked by dedication and a lot of exploration. Hence the ‘gold mine’ concept he adopted for Meatguy Steakhouse II, the second chapter of his restaurant venture which recently opened in SCBD Park.

The concept clearly won’t be lost to the diners. Right past the entrance, a winding stone tunnel quickly immerses incoming patrons in the sensation of entering a mine. A host greets them halfway in, ready to guide them past the steakhouse’s dry-ageing chamber (“made in partnership with the Dry Ager, who popularised the method”), the butcher room and the wood-fired grill in the open kitchen, before arriving at the lavish dining area adorned with gold accents.

“Every member of our team, from the host to the servers, right down to the security staff, has been educated about the nuances of meat to answer any inquiries,” shared Dimas. “We want our diners to leave not just with a full stomach, but also with a deeper understanding of their food.”

Dimas’ meticulous efforts to educate his guests enabled him to secure a coveted partnership with the highly selective Stone Axe in Australia, an award-winning farm renowned for collaborating with Michelin-starred establishments worldwide. As a result, enthusiasts now flock to his steakhouse, drawn by the promise of enjoying a cut of steak made with grand champion-winning full-blood wagyu meat.

One of those is the signature, The Bone Collector, a juicy bone-in ribeye steak covered in a thin and crunchy layer of crust that the crew would hand-cut tableside. To add flavour, the meat is further sprinkled with Maldon salt and slathered with Meatguy’s signature tallow butter (made with two types of wagyu fat, Japanese A5 and full blood)—a simple and classical style that speaks to the dish’s New York influence, pairing tastefully with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to cut through the fattiness.

Complementing the steak, head chef Teuku Wahyudi Amrizal (also known as ‘El Patron’) has also come up with seafood delicacies that are growingly popular among regulars. There’s the grilled Hokkaido Scallop, served with an exotic turbot fish velouté, and also the show-stealing Atlantic Black Cod, covered with deep-fried carbon beef batter that emulates the crust of a steak.

At Meatguy Steakhouse II, it’s easy to get distracted by the gold-rimmed ceilings, the glowing marble bar and the attentive staff that takes note of the diners’ preferences with the diligence of a butler. But when you look past the glamour, one will find that the spirit remains true to Dimas’ educational content on TikTok and Instagram, which has seen him experimenting with numerous at-home ways to dry age meat, including using an old fridge. 

At its heart, a dinner here is about understanding and appreciating the rigorous processes that go behind every cut of quality steak—a good reminder to never order your steak well done.