Mare Nostrum

12th August 2020
With a sharing plate concept in mind and a menu created by Michelin-starred chefs, Mare Nostrum in Sudirman delights with a bona fide Mediterranean gastronomy that will spark anyone's palate.

From a spread of Mediterranean fusion cuisine to splashes of colour-blocking hues, Mare Nostrum assumes duty to spark authentic taste of the region’s gastronomy and vibe in the city. Latin for “our sea”, the new hideout in Sudirman is the brainchild of entrepreneur Marc Mallolas, with menus developed by chefs Mateu Casañas, Eduard Xatruch and Oriol Castro of the two-Michelin-starred Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona.

Taking up the entire 18th floor of Grand Sahid Jaya, the elevator opens to a brightly-coloured entryway where the same pastel shades glide on to the main dining area. From the walls down to its interiors, the palette hints to the perfect blend of sea and sky, with soft hues evoking summer days in the Mediterranean. 

Natural light and sights of the cityscape embrace the space through high arches bordering the windows. Bedecked with art deco design and the glamour of Mediterranean hues, Mare Nostrum sits like its own quiet and charming island.

Fork-to-fork combat ensues with many Mediterranean cuisines designed for all to dig in, and at the hands of decorated chefs, the taste is bound to surprise. Food arrives one by one, starting from the Amuse Bouche of rice crackers with pesto, tomato powder and parmesan. To warm up the palate, there’s a selection of starters like the fresh Strawberry & Tomato Salad and the classic Piedmontese dish of Vitello Tonnato “Mare Nostrum” which is roast beef with aired tuna sauce, while the Open Face Omelette with Prawns comes with a live-cooking demonstration should you opt for another starter. 

As for the main course, a pan of Vegetables Rice & Burrata will do wonders with how many can have their stake in, and the Crema Catalana (the Spanish version of creme brulee), with strawberry and homemade mango sorbet, slurps nicely to soften the taste buds. And what’s more Mediterranean than fresh-ripe fruits, which you can savour in its range of beverages like the Dulce Mermaid, a blend of mango, vanilla, strawberry, yoghurt and pineapple or the Mango El Hanout, a mix of mango, Moroccan spice ras el hanout and coconut foam.

With the premise of sharing plates in mind, Mare Nostrum tantalises not only through its reliable menu but also visuals cognizant of its roots. So come in groups, or solo (if you dare), and delve into this bona fide Mediterranean gastronomy.