Mamma Rosy

7th March 2014
Mamma Rosy keeps it close to home with cozy Italian fare that tips its hat to Liguria, a coastal region of northwestern Italy.

If you’re expecting a mother figure whipping up Italian cuisine – that mirrors the warmth and exuberance of the country, when stepping into Mamma Rosy for the first time, then you’re right to have relied on your hunch.

Daniel Vigone – an Italian expat who noticed the lack of authentic Italian food presence in Jakarta, started Mamma Rosy in a bid to shrink the emotional distance between his hometown, Liguria and Jakarta through food. Diners at Mamma Rosy are in the hands of Vigone’s mother, Rosa Vignolo – whom the restaurant is named after. Although shy and reclusive, Rosa carries the charm of an experienced and composed cook minus the foul-tempered personality, which we have come to associate with most famous chefs on TV.

The menu in Mamma Rosy is accessible, which means Pasta and Pizza are bound to appear in the menu. While the choices may be overwhelming, patrons are very much welcomed to customise their own Pasta from the selection of handmade Dry Pasta (Spaghetti, Penne, Linguine and Fusilli) and Fresh Pasta (Ravioli, Gnocchi and Tagliatelle).

Since hailing from Liguria, a coastal region of northwestern Italy, the food in Mamma Rosy carries stronger flavour with generous use of spices, as evident in Agnello al Brandy where tender lamb meat is slowly roasted in oven with Brandy and Italian herbs. Don’t be surprised to find seafood selection in the mix too.

While the ample serving may come in nicely arranged plating, it is without a single hint of pretension. Vigone remarked that he wanted patrons to feel at ease in the establishment as if they are visiting the Italian household. Little wonder then that Mamma Rosy’s interior is fashioned close to that of a home. Patrons can choose to dine in hush setting inside that resembles a living room or outside by the garden.

But the best part of Mamma Rosy got to be its Terrace Bar. Though located only at second floor, it carries gratifying atmosphere of a laid-back roof top bar. Clearly, Mamma Rosy is quite possibly a “home” where one will find it hard to leave.

Still, it is hard to go wrong when Vigone’s family has abundant experience in running restaurant throughout their three generations. At the end of the day, the charm of Mamma Rosy lies in Rosa’s cooking instinct where it is cooked from a perspective of a tender and knowing mother. Because after all, when it comes to food, a mother really does know best.