M Bloc Space

9th October 2019
Bringing old-school charm with modern creativity, M Bloc Space is a neighbourhood newcomer that will attract crowds for some music, food, and more.

In Blok M, a recent addition has settled in to spur up the lifestyle scene. The hub, M Bloc Space took over the building of what used to be a banknote and money-printing factory. As a new life has been breathed into it, this newcomer in the neighbourhood is bound to attract streams of lifestyle enthusiasts for the myriad of F&B and creative tenants and facilities it houses under the roof.

At the entrance, a line up of various eateries can be seen with the likes of Tjikini and Katong, both exuding old-school charms with local Indonesian food and drinks in the offer. An ample of options for a remote work day or a hangout spot is at your disposition, but an exciting establishment is on the making within the hub. _Oeang, a café-restaurant will be the centrepiece of M Bloc Space.

Other store fronts include Connectoon, a comic store littered with Indonesia’s own comic book scene, and Unionwell, who offers simple and casual fashion and accessories for men. Next, Matalokal is filled with diverse sorts of local wellness and home living essentials that will be perfect for gift ideas. Those who want to discover classic tunes will feel right at home with The Majors, a record store cataloguing albums of all generations.

Speaking of music, a multi-purpose venue is provided behind the storefronts, refashioned with suited acoustics to create the perfect mood for live sets. From musicians rocking out to speakers conducting workshops, the possibilities are endless for events that will book our weekends busy.

One can picture the crowd that will come flocking the space: young, stylish and amped up for a day’s worth of work in a coffee shop as much as for the next eventful weekend they have planned. As far as creative hubs, a few has emerged along the way in Jakarta and it won’t be surprising to see M Bloc Space as a go-to in the near future.