LUMINE Jakarta

30th January 2019
Japan's premium retail concept LUMINE has arrived in Plaza Indonesia to offer a Tokyo-style retail experience, where exclusive Japanese fashion, lifestyle goods, and a café are housed within its polished space.

With fifteen branches throughout Tokyo’s metropolitan area, Japan’s established premium urban retail concept, LUMINE, has opened its doors in Jakarta. This is LUMINE’s second overseas branch after Singapore, where they settled in the popular retail facility, Clarke Quay Central. Here, they are calling the luxurious Plaza Indonesia shopping mall as its home.

Bringing in a different retail environment you’d usually find throughout Jakarta, LUMINE’s sleek interior by Japanese design company, SO, U Inc., carries an inviting aura that is hard to resist when you’re nearby. Likewise, decorative elements with bits and pieces of Japanese culture adorn the retail space to make patrons feel as if they’re walking in present-day Tokyo.

The luxury outlet offers a line-up of exclusive fashion and lifestyle merchandises all the way from Japan. Located in the quieter part of the mall on the fifth floor, time spent here would be most enjoyable as you may browse from rack to rack undisturbed.  

For starters, the ladies can have a stroll around the lush space and find stylish attires from UN3D, ASTRAET, and the like, as well as accessories from DIANA shoes and jewelry from drama H.P. FRANCE. And to complement, the men can find their fair share of fashionable wear fromTOMORROWLAND and MISTERGENTLEMAN among others.

In company of the stylish items, is a sweet selection of Zakka (a popular Japanese term for lifestyle and miscellaneous items) housed in a quaint Japanesesque wooden stall. Find charming goods for your daily needs such as biscuit canisters, Japanese lunchbox, playful key wallet, and even attractive tote bags.  

Not only do customers can feel a sense of fashion from Japan itself, but also its culinary too. As such, to complement the shopping experience is the chance for visitors to retreat to LUMINE Café at the back to simply rest the tired feet or have a lunch break. Continuing with the retail’s theme, the café comes with a contemporary Japanese feel to accommodate any casual chit chats.

For fares, do yourself a favour and order your choice of the café’s special Coppé Pan (Tokyo-style sandwich comprised of a bread roll that resembles a hot dog bun with various fillings). Give the Chicken Coleslaw Salad Coppé a go if you’re feeling savoury (fried chicken, honey mustard dressing and coleslaw salad). Otherwise, have a Matcha Azuki Shiratama Snowmee (soy milk-based shaved ice dessert) for a delectable sweet ending.

Whether it’s to shop, dine or both, there’s no doubt that you’d get quite an experience visiting LUMINE Jakarta. A prescribed shopping trip is due to this new retail space, and what’s not to love, especially when you have a shot to experience Tokyo for a bit.