Lucy Curated Compound Kemang

21st September 2023
Following a warm welcome in Adityawarman, Lucy Curated Compound has returned for a second round with a new space on Kemang Raya Street, bringing over their curation of lifestyle establishments to perk up the area.

At this point, there are enough curated community spaces in the city to start an online argument on which one deserves to be the people’s favourite. That doesn’t seem to slow down Lucy Curated Compound (LCC), however, which has expanded its influence with a second home on Kemang Raya Street.

Upon arrival, one could immediately see how the essence of LCC’s first venture in Adityawarman is carried over and transformed to fit with the Kemang neighbourhood. Instead of a gravelled outdoor space that bedecked its first home, the latest space built an expansive indoor hall for visitors to dine at ease without worrying about sudden rain—and the F&B options are plenty.

A wandering look around would reveal that Kedai Mie Tjap 1000 Tahun‘s chilli oil noodles occupy many of the wooden dining tables, a testament to their online popularity. Have them alongside LYMA‘s bountiful brisket tacos, why not? It’s the kind of freedom one could enjoy in curated spaces like this one. 

Unsurprisingly, crowds peak around meal times, both at noon and around the evening. A couple in cool sunnies refresh themselves with green smoothies from Lucy Bar; parents chat over artisanal croissants from Lot.Butter while waiting for their kids to finish school; work-from-café dwellers plug in at Seven Speed Coffee with a cuppa in hand; while culinary hunters seek out local dishes made by the 13-year-old chef Nairo Nagata at Nagata’s Gastronomy Heaven. At night though, similar to the Adityawarman location, it’s all about Lucy Beer Mart, where college kids have found a place to destress after a day of classes.

Like pieces of a puzzle, the diverse traffic forms a picture of the neighbourhood and the communities that thrive within it. The wellness-minded who have their yoga and pilates classes nearby, the family crowds that are attracted by the area’s proximity to schools and residential houses as well as the nightlife scene and creative offices that distinguish the Kemang neighbourhood—and Lucy Curated Compound find a way to accommodate them all.