Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

20th July 2016
Thank your lucky stars for Lucky Cat is a 24/7 establishment, which means you could have your coffee and all-day breakfast fare any time or day you like.

Hidden away from the busy Rasuna Said road, situated at the back of the dull and drab Plaza Festival mall, lies Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen. Right from the outside, the latter is a two-storey establishment that easily provides a sight for sore eyes with its striking white brick facade.

But what lies inside is even better. Built to resemble a home, Lucky Cat brings to mind an abandoned house that has been revamped and turned into a cosy café. An old tree sits near the staircase at the back with branch-like lighting hanging down from the ceiling. Not that the establishment needs much help in illumination — with its see-through roof, unless it’s cloudy, Lucky Cat is basked in bright glow throughout the day.

Here, they keep it simple by focusing on two things: coffee and breakfast/brunch. By categorising their coffee under “Bold” (chocolatey/nutty) and “Bright” (floral/citrusy) taste, it makes things easy for those who are new to the game of third-wave coffee. Food-wise, the selections are limited but thought through. Who needs the trouble of deciding what to eat anyway? The unfussy yet familiar options, such as pan-seared salmon, roasted salmon, mushroom & avocado on toast to even Bubur Ayam Sukabumi (Sukabumi-styled congee) are calibrated to complement the coffee.

While the first floor provides ample space to stretch your leg, upstairs delivers opportunity to observe the scene below as it unfolds during peak hours. Simply plug into your music and dazed away as servers shuffle around with their orders. But if the occasional selfie-obsessed guests somehow ruffle you, there’s the balcony area to escape to.

Still, being a 24/7 establishment means you could just find out the best time to visit and be with the type of crowd that suits you best. Of course, the most important perk of all is that you could have your coffee and all-day breakfast fare any time or day you like.