16th December 2016
Say hi to Louie, a cosy coffee shop in Pondok Pinang that has no qualms in pairing coffee with traditional snacks.

A good coffee shop should of course be judged based on their coffee. But having a good name doesn’t hurt too. Apart from its catchy name, Louie is undoubtedly a much-welcomed addition to the neighbourhood of Pondok Pinang, an area in South Jakarta that is often overshadowed by the more popular Pondok Indah.

Those who are unaccustomed to the area may find it hard to nail down the location, given there’s only a tiny blue signage at the front. In spite of that, Louie catches the eyes thanks to its clean and uncluttered space that stood in stark contrast against its chaotic surroundings.

Owned by Louise Leny Lihar, who is a semi-finalist in Indonesia Barista Championship 2015, Louie is everything coffee enthusiasts would normally associate third-wave coffee shops with: Warm wooden interior awash with natural light, complete with a couple of communal tables. Coffee selection is customary but for a change of routine, do opt for manual brew while picking up some tips from the barista for home-brewed coffee regime.

But their coffee also shares the limelight with the light bites that the establishment serves. Don’t be surprise to find regulars at neighbouring tables nibbling at lemper (steamed glutinous rice with spiced chicken floss) and pia (Chinese flaky pastry).

A visit to Louie may take up hours, mostly because one may have to wait for the notorious traffic of the area to disentangle. Still, with its cosy atmosphere, you could argue that there’s absolutely no need to rush.