20th January 2016
Lola, a South American-inspired speakeasy bar, aces the art of exclusivity while keeping itself approachable to the public.

Lola, the name of the speakeasy bar that is located just below the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, Fūjin, could be pretty deceptive for the first-timers. But, it’s not hard to make sense of what Lola is once you’re in. With Saint Mary as the bar’s focal point, a statue of the Holy Virgin is the first thing that greets the guests as they make their way down the stairs.

The dim establishment, swathed in dreamy lights emanating from candles, gives off a feeling of a religious pilgrimage, especially with a mural of Saint Mary flanked by cherubs at the other side of the room. But even those feminine affiliations couldn’t mask the masculinity that Lola exudes.

Part of that is thanks to the menu that focuses on hearty South American dishes, such as Cuban sandwich, burgers and burrito to match with sides like Buffalo wings and corn on the cob. They are the kind of dishes that requires one to be ready to get their hands dirty.

While the food choices are selective and being thought through, Lola’s drinks menu is extensive. From gin, rum, tequila to single malt whisky and wine, all you need to do is just to name it. Of course, at the end of the day, you could also simply rely on their signature cocktails, which is based on Caribbean rum and American Tiki culture, to get through the young night.

But the cherry on top is the atmosphere of Lola where one could easily sense as though they belong to an exclusive group, secluded from outsiders. It’s easy to imagine famous underworld figures like the Kray brothers and Pablo Escobar to sip whisky and relish on a cigar (which is also available in Lola by the way), while silently observing the crowd in Lola.

Just don’t accuse Lola of being blasphemous for using the image of Virgin Mary in its establishment. This speakeasy bar definitely takes the matter of good times like a sacred devotion.