24th August 2015
First introduced as an online store, Linoluna is finally settling down with its first brick-and-mortar store in Kemang Village to continue their love for affordable homewares and décor.

They say a person’s home is a clear reflection of someone’s personality and character. And we all know that the key to a well-loved home lies in one simple detail – its décor. However, the real challenge that newlyweds faced when building up their dream home is the restrictions that comes with having a limited budget.

Proving to be more than just a cliché run-of-the-mill interior store, Linoluna (which was first introduced as an online store two years ago) provides visitors with a space where one can find inspiration and creativity through affordable and thought-out design.

The store in its entirety posses a balanced composition of a modern Scandinavian design, that, in result, effortlessly gives off a homey setting and makes for an undeniably pleasant shopping jaunt.

Walk around the white clad façade and you can practically hear the oohs and aahs inside your head as you sift through their carefully selected items. Linoluna also collaborates with artists and illustrators to produce various products ranging from personalized cards, pillows, art prints, cups and plates, to iPhone cases – the list goes on!

Curating a mix of local brands like Nagarey and Kemala as well as internationally loved brands like Rifle Paper, Linoluna seeks to be a sanctuary for those looking to personify their homes with small trinkets and personal items, without having to go overboard on their monthly spending.

With their beautifully crafted items suited for home displays and gifts, it is highly doubtful that you’ll leave the store empty-handed. And you wouldn’t want it any other way either.