3rd March 2017
Resembling a spacious loft of the most eligible bachelor in town, LEÓN turns up the night with memorable dishes and smashing cocktails.

From its modest entrance right away, it’s clear that LEÓN is an establishment that is confident with what it can offer without resorting to loud signage or the likes to attract attention. Once in, first timers will no doubt be pleased with what they see right after passing the narrow corridor.

Taking in the sight of LEÓN, two-storey tall establishment dotted with chandeliers on the high ceiling and leather sofas scattered generously beneath, it gives the impression that one has stumbled across the common room of a spacious loft owned by the most eligible bachelor in town instead.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why one feels simultaneously at ease yet reserved in LEÓN. Such sentiment is also reflected in the menu. Dishes like Tomahawk (1kg rib eye served with mashed potato and roasted vegetables under Chimichurri sauce) and Duck Platter (roasted boneless duck served with tangy sauce and steamed rice) are fancy enough to leave an impression but also casual enough to be shared among friends.

Drinks wise, LEÓN gravitates towards celebrating the cocktail culture. From classic cocktail like Negroni to their crowd’s favourite signature, Johnnie Black and Mix Berry Citrus, it feels right to kick start the early hours of evening with a couple of them. Come weekend, you can be sure the establishment is a party. And everyone is invited.