Lembur Kuring

10th July 2015
Located in Serpong, Lembur Kuring is that go-to destination that provides Sundanese/Javanese hometown cuisine to be relished with the company of family and close-knit relatives.

Every once in a while we need a short relief from our mundanity as the week draws closer towards its end. While a quick trip might be too much for some, sometimes the only thing we need is an easy yet classic Indonesian cuisine that would be adequate to close the weekend with satisfaction.

This is where Lembur Kuring comes in. Lending its name from Sundanese language that means ‘my hometown’ in English, Lembur Kuring sticks close to the hometown taste that is based on Sundanese/Javanese fare with a trace of Chinese.

That’s why, expect yourself to be swathed by its seafood fares from fish, prawn and crabs, that are cooked in various kinds of ways – be it fried, steamed, or drenched in thick oyster sauce. The favourite? Everyone is rooting for its gulai kepala ikan (fish head curry) that is submerged in strikingly bright orange soup. Udang goreng Lembur Kuring (Lembur Kuring’s fried prawn) is also a moreish hit where its tasty crumb unites garlic and chopped green chilli with aplomb.

Upon your first look, Lembur Kuring might look like a function hall thanks in part to the building’s grandiose façade and capacious dining area. As if not spacious enough, once in, you’ll find an extended pavilion beside the main dining area, plus an extra room on the second floor for private bookings. With high ceilings and plenty of room for waiters and diners to move around, the whole restaurants is filled with friendly breeze that casually comes in and out through the open space.

Lembur Kuring makes an ideal go-to destination for family lunch or dinner. Furthermore, it also offers an opportunity to break away from Jakarta’s crammed buildings for the restaurant is situated in a green and hushed area in Serpong. Finding hometown cuisine turns out to be just a short drive away.