Lawry’s The Prime Rib

26th March 2024
The longtime Beverly Hills dining institution arrived at Bumi Pakubuwono to entice the city’s appetite for their signature standing roast prime rib.

One of the few old restaurants in Los Angeles that one could say define the city, the renowned Lawry’s The Prime Rib from Beverly Hills has been a place where generations of families dine and celebrate since its inception in 1938. The old-school banquet hall environment, the sterling silver cart, the famous spinning salad bowl—they’ve all made a return to the city 20 years after their first location in Plaza Senayan, now residing on the second floor of Bumi Pakubowono at the delight of anticipating customers.

Dubbed “grandaddy” of steakhouses by Eaters (that’s how long they’ve been in the game!), expect a display of pomp characteristic of the classic cut that they are serving. It’s almost an unspoken code then that you go to Lawry’s with an occasion to celebrate—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations—and almost always, people go for their signature: the standing roast prime rib.

Be it the classic and most popular 280 gr Lawry’s Cut, or exclusive to the outlet, the 170gr Jakarta Cut catered for the light eater, they’ll be wheeled to the customer’s table and carved tableside from the silver cart. Alongside the cut is a spoonful of creamed spinach, mashed potato and creamed corn, with sides like the puffy, golden brown Yorkshire pudding to be soaked with the gravy au jus. The ritual at Lawry’s is also to sprinkle some of their signature seasoned salt, a combination of 17 herbs and spices concocted by Lawry’s very-founder, to better complement the flavour of the prime rib. 

With executive chef Camille Benedetto-Flosse, who had trained at the Beverly Hills restaurant for two months, leading the kitchen, other dishes at Lawry’s also remain as close and true to the original preparation. One highlight is the Rockafeller Salmon, a classic dish that was typically associated with oysters; here, the topping of sauteed spinach, scampi shrimps and lemon jus also works wonders on salmon, a combination of savoury flavours with a juicy bite. 

Those familiar with Lawry’s can take comfort in the fact that the longtime establishment has kept its traditions and ways intact across its numerous franchises both in the United States and Asia. The Jakarta one is no exception; be it discerning diners hosting important lunch meetings, couples commemorating their anniversaries, to families spending much-needed quality time, there’s always a cause for celebration at Lawry’s.