Lawless Burgerbar (Menteng)

16th January 2020
From The Lemmy to the Motley Burg, Lawless' full-throttled burgers made their way to Menteng where the joint attracts streams of customers lining up for a sinful bite.

Whether it’s the good and humble kind or the stacked goodie, there’s a burger for every kind of hunger. No wonder, Lawless Burgerbar decides to ace them, knowing that even in Jakarta, young and old easily revel on the iconic food.

What was born from an all-biker-slash-metalhead store in Kemang retained that identity to create a burger joint that will serve your craving. After the original burgerbar in Kemang, Menteng is now the site of their second home, almost cavern-like with a tight corridor that leads the way to the two-storey dining area, spot on dark and poster-ridden of rock and metal bands from the decades, and a dragon head cast mounted on the wall for the sake of it.

The play on dish names is a touch of their personality, but Lawless’ character is also of their burger treatment: full-throttled. Forget the one-handers, with names like the Motley Burg, Sabbath Burger and The Lemmy, every burger is to be devoured on an empty stomach. The latter, named after Motorhead’s lead member, is a stackload of double beef patties with cheese, sauce-drenched and topped with an egg over-easy for the savoury goo. Sinful? Indeed—especially if one washes down the meal the all-American way with a milkshake.

Little is known that, despite the carnivorous tone, Lawless offers Joey Bellodona, a vegetarian burger that substitutes the meat for whole juicy portobello mushrooms with dill dressing and greens. Additionally, Lawless’ cocktails are indeed an option less-discovered, too.

Despite the allegedly intimidating style, being in Menteng doesn’t stop anyone, including families and Batik-clad white collars walking in for a well-deserved lunch break. The stream of customers is tamer between meal times. But even during peak hours, one would find any good reason to wait for a table. The distinct style may not be your personal aesthetic, but you’ll sure find your bite with Lawless.