Kwetiaw Sapi Mangga Besar

1st October 2014
Why settle for mediocre Kwetiaw Sapi when you can have one of the best? It is highly unlikely that one walks out of Kwetiaw Sapi Mangga Besar disappointed.

There is just something reassuring about an establishment that has been around for decades. They grow into more than just a place to fill your stomach. They are around like your good friend and you always return because you know you’re going to get what you came for.

Established since 1972, Kwetiaw Sapi Mangga Besar has, no doubt, been a loyal friend to many patrons who always return for their well-known Fried Kwetiaw (flat noodle). No matter what time your visit is, you’re most likely to meet the same cook in the open kitchen. Depending on your preference, the modest establishment offers both kwetiaw and bihun (rice vermicelli) that come in the style of either fried or drenched in starchy sauce. Unlike other street food, Kwetiaw Sapi Mangga Besar opens early since morning and ends late in the midnight.

The location may be a drawback to some people. But when it comes to ‘meeting a good friend’, distance is just a small price to be paid.