20th November 2015
Designed and owned by four architects, kopimanyar's comforting atmosphere makes for an idyllic backdrop for one to take a brief respite with a cup of coffee.

Designed and owned by esteemed architects, husband and wife Isandra Matin and Audite Matin, Fandy Gunawan, and Angie Miranti (who all work under the renowned architecture firm, Andramatin Architects), kopimanyar strikes a balance between its austerity and atmospheric mood at the same time.

The dominating low-key palette and clean-lined furniture that pays a nod to Japanese aesthetic is a perfect backdrop for your idle contemplation. Sunlight beams in through wooden fittings, creating sharp shadow lines; a small-scale Zen garden with a big tree that shades those who wish to have their coffee with a glint of sunshine; it’s these kind of details that makes one wants to stay at kopimanyar longer than planned.

But of course, all is done without forgetting the company of kopimanyar’s coffee, with coffee beans by Javanero that mainly sourced their green beans from West Java. Similar to the interior, the menu is pared down with a handful of coffee options and light bites, typical of those offered in a modest “warung kopi”. During lunchtime, expect yourself to overhear conversations on buildings and construction from people beside you – they are usually staffs of Andramatin Architects whose office is located just at the back end of the café.

Apart from enjoying a good ol’ cup of joe, one can also take the opportunity to enjoy art works from the gallery (with different themes that are regularly rotated), which is located in a separate room beside the seating area. With a design-oriented establishment plus a comforting cup of coffee, it is safe to say that kopimanyar  is the embodiment of an immaculate pairing between coffee and design.