Kopi Kecil

14th November 2016
Brewing in a neighbourhood in the East of Jakarta, Kopi Kecil is serving up coffee with affable atmosphere to boot.

It used to be that the East region of Jakarta is often sidestepped when it comes to the subject of third-wave coffee shop. For those who rarely step foot into this region, the East is often casually dismissed as the unappealing suburb, where dull factories are located and huge trucks stream in and out from neighbouring towns.

But what is overlooked is that the area, which is home to million of residents, is also ripe for the presence of neighbourhood coffee shop. Kopi Kecil, as the name suggests, is tiny. You could cover the entire floor within a few calculated steps. Still, it feels right as if it serves as a metaphor for the coffee scene here: while embarking with small baby steps, it is nevertheless slow and steady.

Corresponding to its size, the menu here is also limited to a handful of espresso-based coffee, which they dub as Kopi Kota (Urban Coffee). The latter is brewed using Arabica beans. But here in Kopi Kecil, they also serve coffee made with Robusta beans, which is often seen as inferior within the coffee industry, and classified them under Kopi Kampung (Rural Coffee) in the menu.

If that sounds like rocket science to you, who happen to be a novice coffee drinker, just direct your questions to the baristas who will gladly enlighten you while brewing a cup of joe for another customer at the same time during busy hours.

With the affable atmosphere, Kopi Kecil is a place to spend early morning going over emails with a cup of coffee before heading to work or gripping conversation with your friends. Still, be it coffee on the go or long hours of coffee session, one would hardly feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome in Kopi Kecil.