Kopi Kecil (Komunitas Salihara)

23rd August 2017
Kopi Kecil’s new branch in the complex of Komunitas Salihara is a welcome refuge from the jam-packed Pasar Minggu area.

First started out in Kayu Putih, East Jakarta, the modest and compact Kopi Kecil has finally branched out to the south, where it is lodged cosily within the compound of Komunitas Salihara. Their new home may be bigger than the one in East Jakarta, but it still retains that friendly neighbourhood vibe that Kopi Kecil is known for.

Thanks to the glass walls, sunlight beams through during the day, creating a soft and snuggy ambience to take pleasure in a cup of joe. Kopi Kecil’s essence in serving up easy, no-fuss coffee is reflected in their Kopi Sehari-Hari (Day-to-day Coffee) menu with familiar choices like Kopi Hitam and Kopi Susu. But just because it’s economical doesn’t mean they scrimp on the beans. The coffee from Kopi Sehari-Hari is made using Flores Bajawa Arabica beans.

Of course, customary choices of espresso-based coffees are also available here, which are grouped under there Kopi Premium menu, made using their house-blend (Mandheling and Aceh Gayo).

Being in a gated complex is also one of the perks when visiting Kopi Kecil. With the commotion of the street drowned out and the comforting scent of coffee wafting liberally, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re in Kopi Kecil. That’s why you wish you could stay a little longer when you’re dropping over for a quick cup of coffee or takeaway. Over here, Kopi Kecil is best enjoyed when you’re not pressed for time.