Kopi Kalyan

8th November 2016
Lodged in Cikajang, Kopi Kalyan's suave exterior conceals the friendly atmosphere where a cup of coffee doesn't have to be matched with a certain dress code.

Located in Cikajang, Kopi Kalyan maintains a strong facade from the outside, but in the inside? It is humble in all aspects. The moniker “kalyan” – a twist of the word kalian, which translates to “you” (in plural) in Bahasa Indonesia – reflects the coffee shop’s spirit that is open to people of all generations and backgrounds.

Yes, coffee is a staple here, with beans selection handled by Gordi (Jakarta-based online coffee subscription company). But the menu is thought out to accommodate each clientele for various occasions. Younger visitors might lean towards Banana Cream Pie, while an arisan (a social gathering) group consisting of a circle of women prefers heavier food like their Breakfast Pasta or Nasi Goreng Kebuli. The flexibility of their menu goes as far to include humble Indonesian snacks as well such as fried cassava and banana fritters.

On your first visit, it’s normal to be struck by its spacious floor plan. Wrapped in an unfinished interior style with low-key palette, the establishment strangely comes off as pleasant rather than intimidating. Coming with a group of family? There’s a communal table in the middle of the room. Wish to curl up all by yourself with an unfinished book? Why, there’s a sofa in the corner. And for coffee paired with a breeze of fresh air (and cigs), look no further than their al fresco “front yard” that replicates a typical Japanese yard.

Maybe it’s due to their flexibility and openness that the place brims with chatter and laughter. And of course, without forgetting a dash of humility that makes all people feel welcomed in Kopi Kalyan. In here, you won’t even be surprised to find people dress up in tee, short pants and sandals as if visiting a nearby warung, sitting side by side with a group of stylish youth.