Kopi Kalyan (Barito)

8th November 2018
Kopi Kalyan branches out to the bustling neighbourhood of Barito where they boast their friendliness and cup o' joes with a menu of Roti Isi exclusive to this home.

If Kopi Kalyan resonates as the friendly neighbourhood coffee shop, it’s because they have thrived in making any newcomer feel as welcomed as old friends in their preceding homes. It’s been their charm since the beginning – so much, that the establishment has added another one, right in the heart of Barito, Blok M, just in time of their 2nd anniversary.

Despite being new to the block, Kopi Kalyan isn’t immune to the swarming number of café-goers from around the area. The place is front facing the pet market at jl. Barito I and right inside, the venue welcomes you to a buzzy ambiance made of the sound of the steaming coffee machine, dining families and youths chatting and working to catch a deadline on their laptops.

The two-level interior boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic with the upper floor catering to a laid-back living room-like design. In the further back is the spacious outdoor sitting perfect for days with a friendlier weather forecast.

When it comes to grubs, Kopi Kalyan sticks to old school favourites, be it local and western comfort foods and the likes. But at Barito, the coffee shop offers an exclusive extension of their menu, the Roti Kalyan. Good to pair with their beautifully brewed cup o’ joes, the selection of stuffed bread is bound to satisfy a wide range of sweet cravings. Take for one, the classic Roti Isi Coklat, a fail proof no-brainer and favourite. But if you must make a choice, don’t hesitate for their Roti Pandan Isi Srikaya. As the name suggests, this one uses soft pandan bread to sandwich the creamy srikaya filling.

Needless to say, Kopi Kalyan’s coffee shop-slash-bakery at Barito remains true to their identity: a coffee shop that’s ours, everyone’s, to enjoy.