Kopi Es Tak Kie

17th December 2013
Keeping it simple and straightforward, Kopi Es Tak Kie has been serving its famous coffee since 1927.

There is certainly no lack of fast coffee chains in Jakarta. So, it’s definitely favourable for individuals who need their coffee fast and their caffeine cravings fixed whenever and wherever. But, people seem to forget how coffee used to be served before the rise of this culture of fast coffee. Remember the time when you need coffee to start the day and not to get through it? Remember coffee shop?

Kopi Es Tak Kie, situated in Glodok, has been serving coffee ever since 1927, through three generations. Even though the modest establishment has lived through a World War, nothing much has changed, especially its coffee. This coffee shop sticks to the formula and serves only two choices of coffee. It’s either Tak Kie Iced Coffee (Black coffee made from different coffee beans) or the latter with milk. This straightforwardness is definitely more welcoming than facing a menu board that boasts countless of confusing choices.

When it comes to its interior, not much has changed too. It feels as if the entire establishment froze and stood against time since few decades ago. Such awareness definitely heightens the coffee experience, especially in a place that packs such a valued tradition. To boot, turtle soup, commonly known as Pioh, can also be found just right outside Kopi Es Tak Kie.

Even though the price of the coffee is affordable, that doesn’t mean getting your hand on one is easy. The coffee shop closes early everyday, after lunch at 2pm. So be prepared to brave through crowds of cars and people to get there in order to get a taste of this famous coffee. Regardless, for all good things, some patience and determination are always required.