Kolonial Jaksa

3rd August 2020
In downtown Menteng, unostentatious Kolonial Jaksa keeps the Indonesian roots intact through their ever-varying homestyle cuisines that lure diners into their old-school dwelling.

Synonymous with elite residences and restaurants that would tear up one’s pocket, the Menteng area is one of the city’s old-money neighbourhoods where your choice to dine is limited to a four-star resto or a humble street food stall. Kolonial Jaksa draws this into balance by dishing out classic Indonesian mainstays and few European-style selections that easily fit the bill.

Reserved in an old-school façade, Kolonial sits tall in the city’s ‘backpacker’s street’ Jalan Jaksa where tiny warongs, cheap motels and bars crowd the area. Upon your way in, the aroma of freshly roasted beans from their roastery next door fills the air, and a calming ambiance countering the rowdy streets will urge you to stay a little longer; groups of white-collars can be seen lulling during daybreak, while youngsters would crowd in for late lunch with their laptops at noon.

It’s not surprising that Kolonial hosts a legion of diners at their peak hours. With their snuggly abode and Indonesian fares reminiscent of home, one would not hesitate to return for another scrumptious treat. Take their Masakan Roemah Kolonial mainstays, for example. Consisting of Nasi Tempe Telor Rumahan and Nasi Goreng Balado, their dedication to serve these homestyle fares go a long way, and soy sauce or sambal tasting has always been a vital step to perfect their well-kept recipe.

To keep things interesting, Kolonial Jaksa dishes something different week by week to avoid the monotony of a single menu. Among some recurring selections, their Ayam Rica-Rica served with red rice and sautéd bean sprouts embody the rich local flavours we love. Nevertheless, a straightforward selection of light bites are also on the books, namely their best-loved Banana Fritters and Oma Sasha’s French Toast Bites that comes with a special dipping sauce (dulce, strawberry and maple syrup).

For the refreshments, Kolonial houses a repertoire of cuppa joe’s ranging from the foolproof Iced Latte to Sea Salt Caramel. To further counter that day’s heat, the sparkling Kiwi Yakult or Lychee Yakult might as well be your best bet. Still looking for an opt? Then go for their hot Chocolate Earl Grey to simmer down that tension.

Whether it’s their perfectly concocted coffee or their homespun bill of fares, Kolonial Jaksa has these two offerings down pat. That said, if you happen to pass the vintage-looking joint on Jaksa street, make your stop and you’re set for a delectable spree.