Koko Bogana

7th July 2015
Who wouldn’t fall for a good Indonesian combo meal? Koko Bogana delivers such an irresistible good ol' Indonesian fare that makes it hard for one to stick to their diet.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had our share of our stomachs growling at us during the noontime pre-lunch stretch. Nothing appeases the hunger more than a luscious spread of Indonesian food. Koko Bogana, however, goes the extra mile with their presentation.  You get to see the day’s menu by taking a peek at the wares on display.  Once you choose your items, the server promptly sends over the sumptuously arranged dish.

Since its opening years ago, Koko Bogana has been a popular spot for many who crave for the good ol’ Indonesian fare. You can satisfy your craving with a variety of food that never gets old. The modest space is also perfect for those who would rather have a flavour-riched meal than fancy ambience for their lunch break.

Once you’ve had your dose of gastronomic ecstasy, a simple glass of iced tea is all you need to wash them down and get you through the rest of your afternoon. You can even bring home a variety of Indonesian snacks to accompany you on your commute home from work.

One bonus point: Koko Bogana changes its menu everyday. The famous Nasi Kecombrang is available on Monday and Thursday, while the equally tasty Nasi Sanglah is available on Tuesday and Friday. Whichever day you come in, you and your rumbling stomach are sure to be surprised and satisfied.

Besides having a rotating menu, Koko Bogana also offers staple items like Nasi Bogana and Nasi Rembang, with sambal Gianyar for those with hot tongues. You’ll be wishing you had heard about this place sooner. If you have been telling yourself to stay away from carbs, save your breath. Once you finish a meal in Koko Bogana, there won’t be any room for regret.