Kintaro Sushi

22nd November 2017
Be ready to be spoilt for choice over at Kintaro Sushi, where it offers a variety of fusion Japanese food that makes it hard to make up your mind, especially for the first timers.

Those who had been to Japan before will no doubt aware of the difference between the food establishments there and the ones in Jakarta. While you can easily place an order for a bowl of ramen, rice bowl, complete with a platter of sashimi in most of the Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, it’s a different story in Japan. Over there, each establishment focuses on delivering one type of food. You’d visit a ramen shop just for the ramen itself.

So consider us lucky then that there’s no need to go through the trouble of traveling to various establishments for different kinds of Japanese food here in Jakarta. If that’s what you’re looking for, Kintaro Sushi is one of those establishments where the menu offers overwhelming options. From sushi, sashimi, rice bowl, to poke bowl and even make-your-own sushi, it’ll be hard to make up your mind, especially for the first timers.

Regular customers will no doubt know what to order here. Kintaro Gyu Kushi Katsu is among the favourite, where diners are able to grill the lightly breaded dry aged beef on a hot stone grill, served with three choices of condiments. Then there’s Aburi Moriawase, a set of lightly torched sushi set that comes in eye-catching presentation of mini wooden bridge.

If you’re still unsure of what to order, then you might want to create your own poke bowl or sushi instead. For the latter, you can even add on twice the amount of meat. Those who dine with little ones will find it easy to coax them to eat. Most of the food feature amusing presentation, such as the Bomb Roll where it’s shaped like a smoke bomb and their Emperor Bento, in which layers of bento are stacked to formed a Japanese castle.

Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kintaro Sushi may not pop into the mind of those who live far away from North Jakarta. But if you’re up for fusion Japanese cuisine and looking to be spoilt for choice, then Kintaro Sushi will satisfy you with ease.