Naughty by Nature

16th November 2020
KFC Indonesia marks a new chapter with the arrival of Naughty by Nature in Senopati. Recently opened to an enthusiastic crowd, the brand’s first concept restaurant collides its world-famous fried chicken with a health-conscious menu.

The growing sentiment towards a healthy lifestyle among Jakartans has led fast-food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to try something new with the arrival of the Naughty by Nature, KFC Indonesia’s first concept restaurant. Open to a spiralling crowd, Naughty by Nature collides KFC’s good old’ finger-lickin’ chicken with healthy dishes on the side. 

Taking up a central spot in Senopati, Naughty by Nature’s glass-structured building, designed by Gondo & Jules Studio, throws off the usual impression of KFC outlets: there’s no lining up at the counter to order your meal, while freshly-prepared vegetables are openly displayed with cooks preparing the dishes. The hawk-eyed might even spot Colonel Sanders in one of the restaurant’s decorative paintings, not forgetting the greeneries that turned the establishment into an airy and well-lit space. 

Still serving its signature fried chicken, the menu is all about eating your greens with a side of guilty pleasure. In the Meal Market Platters, one can opt for KFC’s signature fried chicken or grilled chicken as protein to combine with side dishes from favourites like Kale Caesar and Sweet Potato Salad to Roasted Baby Potato and Zucchini Gratin. No rules here for one’s meal plan, but make sure to leave room for their hearty starters like tacos and wraps, to down with fresh smoothies for that balanced meal.

So far, the verdict already saw weekdays packed with the city-dwellers lining up for entry during rush hour. Double the crowd on the weekends where morning getters would hang out on the restaurant’s photogenic stairs after their rounds of exercise. Pledging a fresh, healthy concept backed by a supportive crowd, Naughty by Nature hits the ground running with a foreseeable lasting enthusiasm that reflects people’s tide towards conscious eating and healthy living.