Kedai Tjikini

13th August 2014
Tjikini pays tribute to a simpler time and shows there’s much to love in uncomplicated Indonesian fare.

It is impossible to not notice the wave of nostalgia that presents itself along the street of Cikini Raya. Menteng is a district that is imbued with rich history that dates decades back. It is no wonder then that the establishment here often looks to the past with an approving nod.

One of them is Tjikini, a café/restaurant that brings to mind a simpler time way before the Internet existed. The atmosphere is unmistakeably nostalgic with its wooden tables and chairs and further sealed with old-school songs that permeate the entire space in a slow and steady manner. Yet, the establishment remains relaxed and unpretentious in its quest of nostalgia.

The menu here serves up familiar local fare that most Indonesians grew up with, such as Nasi Uduk. But, the most gratifying part is that the food did not concern itself with modern day worries. The taste stays traditional and authentic without being reduced into a bland meal in the pursuit healthiness. Still, most notably, diners get a chance to try out some of the oldest and beloved local food names, such as the Ragusa Ice Cream (established since 1932).

A quit afternoon is best spent here sipping their coffee (all manually made and served in a pressed glass) and along with a good read. There’s no sense of guilt for whiling the day away in Tjikini, for the establishment easily elevated a simple afternoon time alone into a personal luxury that most of modern Jakartans can’t afford.