Kedai Ketan Susu

24th February 2015
Kedai Ketan Susu preserves family recipes we often hold dearly in an easy and laid-back manner.

Once in life, we may think our mothers should open a restaurant because her cooking is beyond delicious. Kedai Ketan Susu was opened with such spirit.

Kedai Tansu (Indonesians love abbreviation) is the brainchild of Iman Harahap, someone who thinks his family’s recipes are too good to only be kept safe within the family. “The best way to preserve a family recipe is by opening a restaurant,” said Harahap. And so, Kedai Tansu gives plenty of nods to Harahap’s cultural heritage.

Ketan Susu is not the sole option on the menu. Expect yourself to find a selection of fares from Medan to Minang, and to Bogor. “To be honest, I just throw in all my favourite food into the menu,” the United States graduate admitted.

All meals are very casual, yet inviting a steady stream of customers. To begin with, nasi burih is a particular favourite. This spicy pepes style (food wrapped in banana leaves) fried rice topped with chicken gizzard and liver is Harahap’s mother-in-law recipe that is satisfyingly delicious. There’s also Mie Godog Nyemek, a classic “mie kuah” to warm up a lonely night.

Still, the main star is Ketan Susu – white glutinuous rice drenched in a very light homemade milk. Toppings are available; either sweet corn that’s rich with texture or kaya cake with a right level of sweetness, you name it.

With a regular outdoor airflow coming in, Kedai Tansu makes a nice place to meet up after school or work. A small barbershop is even due to open soon near the establishment’s parking space. This place, without a doubt, understands very well how to keep alive those family recipes we often hold very dearly.