1st April 2015
If Jakarta is getting too stifling for you, then IND.USTRIE would be a good spot for you to unwind outside of the city.

With Jakarta’s traffic getting too much to bear, people have gradually opted to unwind outside the traffic bound city and turning their attentions toward cities like Tangerang. IND.USTRIE understands this very well as it chooses to make its imprint in Bintaro.

They say one’s name speaks a lot for his/her traits, at IND.USTRIE, it really does. This cafe-cum-restaurant sports a modest industrial theme that’s, well, modest. We’re talking about how the place incorporates upcycled material for the furniture (their recycled cardboard lamps are just precious) that’s not merely to impress visitors, but because it’s what IND.USTRIE believes in.

Owned by three colleagues with an abundance of love for comfort food, the menu is Asian favourites that are proved to be thoughtful. From the heartiest such as ramen, to the lightest like fried wontons, IND.USTRIE has it all covered. Ind.Ustrie’s Popcorn chicken is by far the crowd’s favourite. Though the portion is generous, but once popcorn chicken is out it triggers off every-man-for-himself attitude at the end.

Coffee leaves no room for doubts for they’ve been taken care of by Tanamera. But for those who wish to have their coffee in an offbeat fashion, try coco-a-go-go, a cross-pollination between coffee and coconut. It might ticks off coffee enthusiasts a bit, but the subtle coconut note blends in very well with the coffee.

Bored with the same old concept of a restaurant, IND.USTRIE aims to modify itself as a creative space in an attempt to embrace up-and-coming young artists. Make sure to be in a constant lookout for IND.USTRIE’s workshop programme that runs every week.