House of Tea

24th April 2018
Despite its hidden location, the unassuming House of Tea charms visitors with their selection of homegrown Indonesian tea and comfort food.

With a little bit of luck and the red pin of Google Maps, you’ll find the direction to House of Tea. More often not, newcomers would testify on how tricky it is to navigate their way through the narrow Poncol Street (just off Fatmawati Street) and how unassuming it is the entrance to House of Tea.

Owned by a tea specialist and farmer, Satria “Gunawan” Suharno, along with his wife, House of Tea is located on a terrace that is attached to the owners’ residence. Here, one is afforded a taste of homegrown Indonesian teas, where Gunawan himself would recommend their specialities: white tea, Indonesian matcha, and kapulaga (cardamom) tea.

All tea that is served in this place is produced from Gunawan’s very own tea plantation in Purwakarta, except for one, which is kembang telang (blue pea flower) that is grown in their garden. Known to boost fertility in women, kembang telang tea comes with a natural violet hue. If you’re interested, make sure to inquire the server because it’s off the menu.

Even if tea isn’t your thing, the tea café hold other unsuspected delights to visitors. They are particularly popular for their comfort food, that isn’t merely there just to complement the tea. You may want to test the popularity of their Chicken Rice Bowl and Spaghetti Aglio Olio, that have succeeded in attracting regular visitors. Both old and young visitors find themselves getting cosy in the House of Tea, especially with the company of Gunawan and his wife. It’s even common among young visitors to address the couple with “om” and “tante” (uncle and aunty).

At a glance, House of Tea may come across as just a hangout spot. But with the laidback atmosphere and convivial nature of the owners, you might find that it’s very much like visiting the house of your extended relatives instead.