Halo Niko!

9th June 2014
Halo Niko! presents easy and uncomplicated Greek and Javanese fare under one roof.

Founded by husband and wife – Niko and Rika, Halo Niko! is probably the one and only restaurant in Jakarta that features both Greek and Javanese fare under one roof. Nothing shouts fancy or conceptual here. The establishment oozes irresistible coziness that other restaurants are trying to establish themselves.

Thankfully, Halo Niko! steers clear from experimenting and cross-breeding the two cuisines. What it does is simply presenting the two cuisines side by side so that patrons are able to enjoy them as it is. Its results are open to anyone’s interpretations, whether one chooses to see its similarity or dissimilarity.

The selections here are uncomplicated and assured. There are of course the classic Greek dishes such as the Greek Salad and Souvlaki (Kebab-like Wrap) with traditional Javanese fare like Segoan Campur and Lotek in the mix. As such, diners may choose to have their Beef Souvlaki to go along with Kalimera Soup (Javanese soup) and wash it down with a simple glass of Teh Tubruk.

The atmosphere is dependent on the number of diners. When it is crowded, the establishment displays an air of liveliness that one readily associates Greece with. Conversely, when it is quiet, Halo Niko! is the ideal for an easy romantic dinner.

Perhaps, Halo Niko! itself is a beautiful display of the union between Niko and Rika – two individuals with different backgrounds from different countries, who understand and readily embrace each other for who they really are.