Halo Niko! Mini

16th March 2017
Tucked behind Kembang Kencur, Halo Niko! Mini is an offshoot of its main branch, without forsaking its original taste and atmosphere.

Halo Niko! features one of the original concepts in the city, that is, to pair two of the most unlikely cuisine: Greek and Javanese. Before the image of cross-bred, experimental food pops up in your mind, it’s important to take note that the restaurant is absolutely nothing of the sort.

Instead of establishing a barrier by presenting a weird hybrid between the two, with Halo Niko!’s approach, customers could have the freedom to try either of the cuisine. Expect options of easy Greek food such as Spanako pita and Souvlaki placed aside everyday Javanese food like fried rice and satay.

First opened in Warung Buncit Road, Halo Niko! mini occupies a small glasshouse-like room adjacent to function space Kembang Kencur. It is indeed more compact than its flagship, yet still retain the intimate and relaxed vibe known to its regular customers. Such character could also be found in its offerings, where, the funky-named menu would no doubt invite giggles or curious questions from visitors (care to try Buntut Mas Niko, Nasi Goyeng Mantan or Es Rindu Laki?).

Halo Niko! mini is definitely an easy choice for lunch or dinner with family and friends without having to rack your brain. And when it comes to location, this joint would quickly trump other options, thanks to the refreshing backyard and pool view that will soothe the eyes as you gobble up a mouthful of Souvlaki.