Haka Dim Sum (Kemang)

26th July 2019
It's dim sum, it's 24 hour, and it's in Kemang. Haka Dim Sum Shop finally finds home in South Jakarta to everyone's delight.

The experience that accompanies a dish can turn a casual meal time into something far more endearing. And for most of the time, the secret is to be surrounded by the right people and ambiance on top of the tasty feast. With their all round wholesome dim sum, Haka Dim Sum Shop braces it all in the right proportions to elicit exclamations of approval among all groups, reaffirming that a jovial dim sum affair is in everybody’s plans.

Luckily for those in South Jakarta, Haka has anchored its second branch in the ever-lively Kemang to satisfy your dim sum cravings. Though it looks fairly alike with its neighbouring shophouses, old friends of Haka know exactly what they’re in for. At Haka, feasting upon a bountiful of the much-loved Hong Kong style dim sum is the around the clock agenda.

The two-storey restaurant boasts a larger space, complete with its vintage Chinese-themed posters taped on its walls, and an open kitchen that successfully amps up the diners with excitement upon arrival. With the sight of steaming bamboo baskets carried out the kitchen, the restaurant emulates an all-around infectiously jubilant and lively ambience.

While Hakau (shrimp dumpling), Shaomai and Stim Ceker (chicken feet) are the obligatory choices, Haka’s Charsiu Pao (barbecued chicken bun) and the Pao Telur Asin (salted-egg bun) are their notoriously delish options to share with your party. But in case you’re craving to load up the tummy, there’s always the Bakmie Sapi Haka (bakmi with meatballs, fish cake and chicken skin) and the Bubur Ayam Telur Pitan that’s comforting enough for any time of the day.

More than quick nibbles, it’s the sharing and bringing of people that draws us to look for dim sum for the next gathering. As it unfailingly touches the heart’s content, Haka is here to remind us all once more why dim sum is never a bad idea.