GUZZBUN (Radio Dalam)

13th November 2020
Bandung-based GUZZBUN hails to South Jakarta for a first permanent home in Radio Dalam where they offer a rundown of classic burgers spun with a twist inspired by Japanese staples and packed with punchy umami to guzzle.

Put a twist on a good ol’ classic food, then you have before you a dish that pays homage to its roots and yet feels original. At GUZZBUN, their burgers are a fusion of East and West where a Japanese flavour spin will make you happily guzzle the stacked goodie.

The burger bar hails from Bandung, setting shop on the main street of Radio Dalam and pulling in young crowds and hungry eaters for a treat that exudes a fusion done right. On offer: a rundown of burgers classically stuffed with juicy beef patties—as burgers should be—and a few more intriguing options straightforwardly inspired by Japanese staples.

Whether you go the classic route with Guzzbun Beef Bacon burger or venture with Chicken Katsu burger, they tread their DNA in the “Guzzmayo” and burger buns. The former, packed with a punchy umami flavour, lingers bite after bite of your burger. Their secret to tame this overwhelming sensation is to sponge it up with their in-house potato buns, freshly baked every day in the upper floor kitchen. As a result, the balanced pairing between savoury and sweetness of the buns have created a burger worthy of second servings.

If you can’t stomach a second, then opt for their potato-based sides. Of four options to pick, Umami Potato Fries is the signature must-try of the establishment. One should note: while it’s easily sharable, you won’t necessarily want to. Additionally, on the list of sweet treats to delight on, the Guzzgelato awaits at the front side of the store upon your way out.

With more and more burger joints joining the city’s F&B scene, competition is tougher for those who don’t innovate on their flavours. Meanwhile, GUZZBUN can put this concern in the backseat, for their East meets West fusion successfully introduced a strain of flavours that anew this classically-loved dish.