Ground Zero by Common Grounds

24th May 2021
Common Grounds break through their familiar coffee-and-brunch concept with Ground Zero at ASHTA District 8, where rare specialty coffee, artisan pastries and a bespoke cocktail bar set the tone for long hours of winding down.

In the city’s ever-burgeoning coffee culture, Common Grounds remains one of the top-tier specialty coffee houses that keep their quality offerings consistent. But the establishment now exhibits something different from the usual coffee-and-brunch concept they’re known for. Setting up space on the ground floor of ASHTA District 8, Ground Zero is the brand’s latest venture that amplifies the coffee-sipping experience with fresh offerings and interior design that signal this new shift.

“We name it Ground Zero because we would like to see it as the start of something new”, said Aston Utan, co-founder of Common Grounds. Bearing different excitements from its precursor, Ground Zero is decked in a spacious setting that boasts Japandi design, a popular design aesthetic that marries Japanese minimalism with that of Scandinavian. The warm colour palette and the extensive use of marble and glass set the tone for a worthwhile coffee break, with rattan furniture (made exclusively by AlvinT Studio) bedecking the space. Tucked at the back is their outdoor seating, where those who come in groups can be spotted relaxing against the breezy atmosphere.

Their new concept does not hold back from experimenting beyond coffee. Exclusive to Ground Zero is their repertoire of homemade artisan pastries, headed by pastry chef Khezia Hakim, that appeals with mouthwatering flavours (a glimpse into the line-up is Cardamom Bun or Apple Caramel Crumble Croissant) and bespoke cocktails and mocktails guests can expect for the after hours.

Though Ground Zero offers altogether a unique experience, their meticulous and all-embracing approach to coffee is here to stay. A delight for the purists, the new concept offers a range of rare, locally and globally sourced beans that had been frozen before brewing to preserve authentic flavours, such as the exclusive Panama Geisha or Gesha beans sourced straight from Finca Debora, an estate producer of gourmet coffee beans in the hills of Panama. For the casual coffee drinkers, options like the refreshing Avocatto and classic lattes are here for the taking, too. Another familiar hint is their unchanging love for brunch that satisfies the tummy: take their breakfast Banana Pudding French Toast or their Spaghetti Bolognese and Hamburg Steak with Japanese Curry.

While Ground Zero elevates the establishment’s overall dining experience, the concept is kept grounded by preserving its bold enthusiasm for coffee, a passion telling of Common Ground’s success. Now with more features to flaunt, the concept coffee shop charms not only the coffee connoisseurs but also the savvy urbanites or office workers around the premises who are simply up for something nice, be it for a cuppa or a drink to end the day on a high note.