Greyhound Café Gunawarman

5th November 2019
Greyhound Café’s new location in Gunawarman is a sunny reprieve for those seeking some quiet escape, while staying true to its Thai’s mainstays.

When you want to spend the day basking in the sun but not stray too far from the city, the Gunawarman area usually houses some quaint and peaceful joints that bring serenity on a busy day. Hailing from Bangkok, Greyhound Café’s new, brighter space carves the perfect atmosphere for that much-needed reprieve.

Essentially a glass house, the café’s identifying monochrome palette amplifies all the greenery and nature decorated around the restaurant. This contemporary set-up has no shortage of space either; like a home, each area cradles a cosy ambiance where daily business meetings can coincide with the leisure of an afternoon break. The café’s spacious courtyard also holds the coveted little corner for those seeking to bask under the sun or take in the flailing breeze.

But if you’ve come for the grubs, you’re in for the Thai treat. Start the meal with a Nom Yen Granita, a sweet iced beverage served with Sala syrup and milk. The flavours come out to play with the Waterfall Rib Eye on Hot Plate, served with a rich and spicy Thai North Eastern-Style dressing . The Duck Confit in Red Curry with Pineapple and Lychees holds boldness and falls off the bone effortlessly for easy pickings while their Sizzling Giant Squids is a grilled sensation, topped with Thai salsa.

In true Thai signature, a bombardment of rich flavours calls for a finale that cleanses and satisfies, like their crowd pleaser, Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake that’ll have you go bite for bite. The café doesn’t skimp out on an array of flavours, but fret not, the halal menu in the Gunawarman home offers the same Thai-inspired cuisine as the one in Grand Indonesia flagship.

Their new location now holds more room to relax and play that won’t disturb the many guests that come and go on a daily basis. Greyhound Café is perfect for a leisure lunch break or a chic dinner party that fits perfectly in Gunawarman’s classy neighbourhood.