The Good Things in Life

3rd September 2015
Woodpecker is now roosting in Terogong Street where it is not only twice the size of its predecessor, but also boasts a delightful lifestyle store, aptly named The Good Things In Life.

The compact yet inviting lifestyle store, The Good Things In Life, is the first and the last thing you’ll see when visiting the Woodpecker café. And that is definitely a good thing. An extension of the café, The Good Things In Life provides a brief break after, say, a long client meeting or hours of tapping away at your laptop in Woodpecker, where one could leisurely browse through the store’s lifestyle home goods that boast a sartorial edge.

Adhering to the old adage ‘less is more’, the display of products is uncluttered to allow patrons to focus on one thing at a time, which accommodates a better appreciation of the subtle details of the goods. Majority of them possessed such tactile quality that it actually encourages customers to touch and feel them.

From Wake&Wonder’s stationeries, Ayu Larasati’s handmade ceramic home wares, Aesop lotion to the store’s own line of fragrance, it’s easy to persuade yourself the need to bring at least one of them home. There is also a charming little corner where a variety of indoor plants from Wijaya Nursery are placed in. Housed under a glass roof caged with black metal grille, it feels as if stepping into a mini greenhouse.

Coupled with coffee from Woodpecker, time spent here will definitely be longer than expected. Still, that is just them trying to highlight those little good things, or moments, which one tends to overlook in life.