Gelato Secrets

26th June 2019
Gelato Secrets has settled in COMO Park, easily convincing one to go in for a treat to accompany an afternoon rendez-vous.

Let’s say you’re at COMO Park and you still have room for dessert, or the sweltering heat got you after a dog-walk at the park. Look across and you’ll see a round, pink sign beckoning. Answer its calling and you’re in for a treat, for Gelato Secrets, the Bali-based gelateria with a serious know-how for artisanal and all-natural Italian gelato, has opened its fourth Jakarta branch right in Kemang’s popular lifestyle hub for a sweet and refreshing addition.

As you walk in, 24 flavours of gelato and sorbettos will be greeting upon your sweet-toothed refuge. Don’t let the range overwhelm you because the classics like Dark Chocolate and Strawberry are easily a go. However, it’d be amiss not to go for their novelty creations like Durian From Medan, Chocolate Chili, or the intriguingly black Bamboo Charcoal perfumes. Don’t be fooled by their looks, for one should never believe in judging a gelato by its cover.

Now, we’ll let you in on a secret: you can always come back a next time for a new flavour they add every month to tickle your tastebuds. Moreover, the choice is yours to have your scoop in a cup, a cone, served on a waffle or blended for a milkshake treat. No shame in getting the whole pint either if the occasion calls for a sweet decadence.

Regardless, as you’re hanging out in COMO Park and dog-watching, Gelato Secrets’ icy treats can only better your companionship whether it’s a friendly hangout, a first date or fifteenth. Quite frankly, gelato is easily a catchphrase that’ll convince anyone to go for a treat at any afternoon.