7th December 2016
The new headquarter of Footurama now boasts not only pre-loved fashion items and their in-house clothing label, FFF, but also a collection of eye-grabbing vintage objects.

Stepping into Footurama’s new abode feels as if you’re privy to the secret HQ of the coolest kid in town. At one part of the room, there’s the fashionable streetwear-focused wardrobe, on the other side, a neatly-arranged potpourri of vintage goods, as well as personal collection of vinyl records.

Originally an online community for streetwear enthusiasts, Footurama had since developed into a consignment shop that not only stocks rare sneakers, but also pre-owned streetwear brands, still in mint condition except with their marked-down price tags.

Those on offer aren’t only limited to pre-owned goods; Footurama’s in-house clothing line, Freeform Fabrication (FFF), for instance, can also be found here along with overseas brands that are hard to come by in Jakarta, like Tsumori Chisato, Supreme, Carhartt, and Anti Social Social Club, to mention a few.

The current store is definitely bigger than its previous one at the now defunct Common House, where it is now sharing the space with a gallery of vintage collections, a result of Max Suriaganda’s (founder of Footurama) habit of hoarding antique objects throughout the years. Walk through the “gallery” and you’ll come across objects from the past like wooden rocking chair and antique china, to quirky things like sculptures and even prayer incense.

For longtime fans of Footurama, a visit to their new home is mandatory, not to mention the establishment has cemented itself as one of the most renowned players in local street culture. Even if you walk out the store empty-handed, you’d still leave with the satisfaction of soaking up the very atmosphere of Footurama itself.