18th July 2023
FLOR by Ismaya Group opens in Gunawarman, bringing their viennoiserie and entremet creations from the classic butter croissants to vanilla sponge cakes dotted with jasmine tea mousse and Sichuan peppers.

Every morning at 7 am, the newly-opened FLOR in Gunawarman opens their kitchen to bake their croissants, pain au chocolat and other Viennoiserie creations; they bake again at 11 am and then at 2 pm for the final batch. Unconcealed from visitors through the huge glass window, the intention is simple: to keep a tight standard on each pastry so that every customer can get the same quality of flavours.

It’s not a coincidence then that repeated customers drop by around these times—a kind of a ‘cheat sheet’ as trays are freshly filled with warm buns, from the classic form of butter and almond croissant to iterations like the pandan-infused croissant topped with coconut cookies or the Cookie & Dough Cruffin, a croissant dough draped in a muffin mould topped with dark choco whip ganache and choco chip cookies. 

Next to the pastry counter is a lineup of entremets, each one neatly lined and distinct in its dainty appearance. If it’s too pretty to eat, then the layers of flavours will make up for the guilt; for one, the Hazelnut sponge cake uses its namesake ingredient in all its layers with the use of hazelnut mousse and praline. There’s also the Jasmine Mango Szechuan sponge cake, where each bite will give a different sensation either from the jasmine tea mousse, the mango coulis or the subtle kick of Sichuan peppers.

“Flor is kind of like our canvas. We have the freedom to create and show our identity as pastry chefs,” said Chef Saskia Auryn who is in charge of the entremets. 

Despite the simple yet charming living room-style interior that calls for a longer stay, Flor by Ismaya Group isn’t exactly the place for one to work or loiter around all day. Quite the opposite, the pastry shop wants to make a habit for customers to grab-and-go their sweet treats and baked goods. It’s reflective of their intention to showcase the quality of craftsmanship that Flor strives for and maintains, in hopes that customers can enjoy the offerings as they are meant to be instead of focusing on other frills.