Flash Coffee (Juanda)

19th October 2020
For a venture that had just launched earlier this year, Flash Coffee was quick to catch up with Jakarta’s blooming coffee-chains. Already with six stations under their wing, Flash spellbinds with their ‘flashy’ colours and with it, their straightforward caffeinated selections also found in their new Juanda outlet.

After the successful launch of their first outlet in Pacific Place, the new coffee-chain was swift to make their strides into the city’s coffee-scape. Today, one can easily spot Flash’s pit stops in the business-saturated districts such as The East Kuningan or Plaza Blok M, where people carrying a laptop in one hand and a coffee-to-go in the other is a sweeping sight.

Catching up their Jakarta outlets are their Singapore and Thailand branches, all similarly located in areas lively with the modern-day hustle and bustle. With their offerings carefully curated and developed by Thai-born World Latte Art Champion Arnon Thitiprasert and Indonesia’s Latte Art Champion Robby Firlian, it’s no wonder that Flash has fruitfully made their name amongst the coffee game in less than a year.

Dominated in striking colours, Flash’s hot pink and yellow permeate all of their compact spaces designed for the urban hustlers and their love for quick caffeine runs to perk up the daily grind.

As for their newest Jakarta branch, the small shop took a spot in downtown Juanda, right across the ever-busy train station: a foreseeable headstart for the city’s future F&B scene to include transport hubs as their next hotspot. Although Flash is at essence a quick stop for your caffeine fuel, a comfortable seating area is here for those in favour of casual remote working or perhaps, meeting sessions.

But when time is short, selections of the well-brewed drinks served in catchy yellow paper cups are at your disposal. For one, take their signature Upgraded Aren Latte or the heat-kicking Lychee Espresso Soda. When dairy is off the table, then call on their Oatly Cappuccino, an oat milk-based version of the cap’. When you’re set with your drink of choice, pair it with Flash’s generous repertoire of pastries like the Ovomaltine Flash Bread with chocolate filling, Spicy Croque Monsieur or the good ol’ croissants.

With their straightforward offerings and simple set-ups, Flash Coffee has shown that their game is a no-frill one, and with their unique visual identity to boot, Flash surely sticks out from a mile.