Eka Karya

13th January 2014
In Eka Karya, Orchids get the attention it deserve.

Here are some interesting facts about orchids. Most of them only bloom once a year and some are so difficult to grow that it is impossible to keep alive, let alone bloom. It’s hard to see those facts flashing before your eyes once you’re faced with magnificent Orchids in Eka Karya.

While Eka Karya has already been established since late 90s, it is not until recently this year that they opened their first flagship store in Kemang, South Jakarta. The stand-alone store is easily recognisable with its sparse exterior and clear glass windows. One could easily peer inside and admire lines of gorgeous orchids in their pots. The view is even more divine in late afternoon with the orchids bathing under the warm sunlight.

Patrons have the options to buy the orchids per stalk. But why do so, when pay a bit more and you can have the entire pot of orchids instead (Each pot comes in average three stalks of orchids). While the price and maintenance of orchids is higher and intricate than the usual blooms, it nevertheless provides that instant touch of elegance in a room, especially in special occasions.