17th January 2020
Concealed on the ground floor of Veranda Residence, Easylee sets the bar for West Jakarta’s nightly scene by offering a range of catchy drinks along with simple grubs in their Asian-inspired bar.

Though our city is known for its nightcaps, over in West Jakarta, there is rarely a place where one can ease off to a nice round of after-hour drinks without travelling far, until Easylee assumed duty. Named after Asian-American Hollywood icon Bruce Lee, this establishment seized the turf with a modern Asian twist to offer.

Easylee sets their domain on the ground floor of Veranda Residence Apartments, with their indoors clad with iconic 70s Asian action movie posters and a playful neon sign saying “The Easy Fountain”, encouraging patrons to go easy as a flowing water would. The patio section is presented in a more classic bistro vibe, ideal for those who fancy an evening in a cordial atmosphere and with good company.

Indeed, once settled, it’s as effortless to take pleasure in Easylee’s array of cocktails suchlike their sweet and sour Bubblegum Cosmo (a pink concoction of vodka raspberry, bubblegum syrup, cranberry juice and a dash of lime juice) and Tiger Fist, a tall glass of whisky, rum, amaretto (almond-flavoured liqueur), lime juice and soda, a beverage for those who like a stronger kick in their potion. As for folks who’d prefer to take it easy on the drinks, worry not as this neighbourhood bar whips up an assortment of mocktails as well, such as the classic Moscow Mule. 

Naturally, getting drinks without rounding it off with side courses would be a miss. In this case, Easylee partners up with their neighbour, Wyl’s Kitchen Restaurant, to serve Asian bar food staples like classic Chicken and Prawn Shu Mai and Squid Charkway (known as ‘cakwe’) and quintessentially upbeat grubs like the Taiwanese Fried Chicken smothered in delish spicy seasoning or Wok Tossed Carrot Cake, fried carrot served with bean sprout, scallion and Cantonese XO sauce.

In terms  of livening up West Jakarta’s bar scene, Easylee easily got the job done. Those who dwell in the area now have a neighbourhood joint where they can escape rush hour or—even better—take it slow with weekend drinks and gathering before Monday comes knocking.