The Dutch

1st April 2016
Hearty European dishes, various beers on tap, these are only some of the reasons why The Dutch is fast becoming the latest ‘It’ spot in Senopati area.

Lodged in between the stern business precinct and the trendy district of Senopati, The Dutch, a gastropub and the latest venture by UNION Group, has no qualm in having two different groups of folks together. And this idea of bringing two subjects that might seem like an unorthodox pairing is pivotal in the spirit of The Dutch.

Take their menu for example; a quick scan reveals that, despite the name, the establishment is rooted in European dishes. But Head Chef Chris Moes is keen in switching things up. To wit, their chicken wings are paired with sambal matah and seared scallop comes in Taliwang sauce (chili sauce of Lombok origin). Still, putting romantic philosophy aside, one of the starters, The Dutch Erwtensoep is a comforting bowl of thick soup made of split pea, rookworst and paired with pretzel roll and smoked butter.

The Dutch is also most certainly a haven for the carnivores at heart. Close your eyes, point to the menu and you’ll most likely land on a meat dish. Plus you can also start right off with Charcuterie board, an assortment of cold-cooked meats, before moving on to their signature braised lamb baked in puff pastry, where the tender meat is placed on top of a bed of soft mash potatoes. With such hearty dishes, it is advised to arrive with your group of bosom friends to ease the guilty pleasure.

And when you’re in The Dutch with a group of friends, it’ll be a shame not to indulge in a drink or two. Over the bar, pick your poison from the 7 beer taps – Kilkenny, Guiness, including our very own Bintang and 1945 – as well as one tap for their house cocktail, The Americano. As the first pub that offers cocktail tap in town, the move could very well foreshadow an emerging trend that might sweep over other bars soon. But if you prefer to indulge in the pleasurable activity of watching the bartender preparing cocktail from scratch, then opt for Lemon Haze (you’ll find out why).

It’s also worth mentioning that the establishment is designed by renowned architect, Andra Matin. His marks and love for open space can be distinguished from the long and spacious open kitchen as well as the metal bar grille that covers all windows, allowing only discreet amount of light in. Thanks to that, a blazing day outside may seem like a late afternoon, which in turn gives you a justification to start the booze order early.

The heavy dishes and constant flow of booze mixed with the warm wooden interior could easily establish an indulging woozy atmosphere. Indeed, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re in The Dutch. Still, worry not, the establishment’s chivalrous policy means you’re free to stay as long as you want, even when it feels like you’ve overstayed your welcome.