Dua Coffee Shop

5th April 2017
The tiny Dua Coffee has relocated to a bigger, spacious establishment, with more seats to kick back with your cup of joe.

If you’ve read anything about Jakarta’s coffee culture in the past few years you probably know it has been on its all-time high. Last year, Dua Coffee introduced Cipete’s locals to their specialty coffee. Given the popularity of their cup of joe and amiability, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they upgraded to a bigger location with additional sittings and parking.

The space is subtlety different from Dua Coffee’s previous location in Cipete Dalam. The new space, with its exposed brick walls and urban interior are fitted out with wooden chairs, large sofas and plant pots. The smoking area resides under a greenhouse-like space where the natural light streams in, resulting in a space that feels simultaneously warm and cosy.

It’s the sort of coffee shop where mothers could spend hours converse while eating Dua’s version of eggs benedict during the day while students are working away in the corner on their laptop. The establishment practically attracts everyone, especially now that Dua has added a few options of comfort food to accompany their coffee.

Dua shares many of the same features one can expect from a contemporary café: a straightforward menu. But when it comes to coffee, quality comes first. Supplying their coffee beans from Simetri, Dua prides themselves in their house blends: the Mood Swinger (Toraja and Mandheling coffee beans), which is popular among the ladies for its light body, and Juggernaut (Bali and Gayo beans), which is bolder in taste for those who need that extra boost.

With their new location, Dua Coffee further solidifies their reputation serving as one of the best coffee shops in the area. Either you’re there for a quick pick-me-up or longer stay, the coffee shop’s friendly appeal will make you come back for more, time and again.