Dua Coffee Bintaro

5th March 2020
Acing the neighbourhood coffee shop title is Dua Coffee’s second home in Bintaro where the drinks, food and ambiance will set you for a productive day of work.

As the hub of life in most neighbourhoods, coffee shops are not only the place for a quick caffeine fix and work, especially when famed Dua Coffee branches out far from their first home in Cipete to Bintaro for its second, where the hustle may be less hectic for a change of scenery.

Like their predecessor in Cipete, their Bintaro location is set with a spacious urban interior, wooden tables, and minimal artificial lighting thanks to the banks of windows facing the west. Sharing space with Skups Gelato on the second floor, the establishment also offers a rooftop access on the third should one want to catch the evening breeze after a sunny day. Indeed, a place where work and leisure coexist naturally.

Once the aroma of the coffee beans melts around you, it’s only fitting to treat yourself to the store’s staple house blends. If a single cup feels too strong, try one of their signature drinks, Klavee, a light and sweet coffee with chilled and refreshing coconut water. Caffeine is not your cup of tea? Dua Coffee has it covered with sweet-toothed blends that will satisfy, like the Creamy Regal Coffee Ice blend or Cabana Cereal that can help scratch that itch. 

Don’t stress and grab a bite of some of the coffee joint’s Western and Indonesian favourites. For breakfast, pair your cuppa with the savoury Triple Sample Selection (slices of French toast, beef bacon served with a light salad). But if lunch time is all you have to spare, come hungry with the classic Hainanese Chicken Rice or their popular Nasi Goreng Buntut

No one ever needed a solid reason to frequent coffee shops to settle in for day’s work on our computers, and the feelings are mutual because coffee shops, like Dua Coffee,  are well tuned in with the culture that many happily partake these days; cafés are a workplace as much as it is a an establishment of repose.