Doma Dona

15th March 2017
Doma Dona, meaning “higher ground”, proudly roasts and serves Indonesian coffee from their very own coffee plantation in the mountainous region of Toraja.

Jakarta’s coffee joints seem to have permeated every corner of the city. Big or small, there’s always a place for one to have a sip of coffee, or a big brunch, catering to all the different needs of avid cafégoers in Jakarta. Some may sound familiar and easily accessible while others are quietly nestled, tucked away somewhere in the city. For Doma Dona Coffee, located on one of the congested streets in South Jakarta, its polished charm is sure an attractive way to evade the dreaded afternoon traffic.

Boasting a dim-lit interior with an amalgam of wood and concrete structures, Doma Dona presents a laid-back vibe to have your coffee. Stretched in a compact space, the interior may feel stifling during peak hours but the smell of roasted coffee wafting (the café shares its space with an on-site roastery) in the tiny space, the tumbling indoor greeneries from overhead panels as well as the friendly welcome of the baristas make up for it. Constructed in the middle of the room is a kitchen-island tabletop complete with an open sink and stools, creating a warm and communal feel, especially for solo drinkers.

The small selection of coffee and non-coffee-based drinks are offered in the menu. For coffee, owners rely on their signature house blend named Timur Jago. As for the name of the establishment itself, Do means up or a land stretching in higher grounds in Toraja dialect, while Doma Dona translates to“higher ground” – referring to a coffee plantation the founders own in Toraja’s mountainous region, where the supply of their coffee beans from. That’s why, it comes as no surprise that most of the beans they use are sourced from Toraja.

As a coffee shop, Doma Dona is indeed a newcomer, but the love of coffee has run deep in the owners’ blood. Apart from being the main source of their coffee beans, the coffee plantation also supports their decades-long coffee export business. With three generations passed down in the business, you can be sure their commitment to quality coffee is perfectly embodied in their cup of joe as well.