Djournal House

22nd March 2019
Not the same Djournal that fixes quick coffee on the go, Djournal House is the new swanky concept from Ismaya that brings together coffee, cocktails and music where work and play can coexist with ease.

It’s easy to dismiss Djournal House, the new establishment from Ismaya, as just another coffee joint. But look closely and you’ll notice that it’s named Djournal ‘House’, instead of ‘Coffee’, for a specific reason.

Bringing together coffee, cocktails and music under the shiny roof in Gunawarman Street, this new concept from Ismaya fuses the ambiance of a coffee joint and a bar into vibrant spot for the digital nomads to settle in for a long day of work and play.

Put an exposed bar, a vinyl sleeve-strewn corner, and a coffee roasting room in one space, and they’ve got our attention. The well-thought interior speaks for the three elements the establishment highlight all the while remaining unpretentious and modish. Djournal House has established that they are likely to be the place where work and play can coexist with ease: come in with your laptop and buddies, pick your spot and add on the grubs for a guaranteed good time.

While coffee is a no-brainer as your work companion, Djournal House champions their delish food and delectable specialty cocktails for something new. Your AM grumbles would thank you for anything sandwich and burgers, but namely the Eggslut Burger (a cheesy and ooey sandwiched omelette) and the mouthwatering stack of Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Their mains are a safe bet to satisfy louder growls shall you want them too.

As the evening dawns, the mood shifts where you want push your laptops aside to make place for light conversations and drinks. Their signatures incorporate something coffee into each drink, such as coffee bitters and espresso shots. For a hint to your pick, take the Tequila Espresso Martini or the Djournal Old Fashioned, among many others to choose from. Though, don’t wait for the 5PM strike of the clock to get to the house cocktails, they’re good for any time of the day.

A hub like Djournal House is the kind of quintessential spot for youths these days: get good coffee and some drinks, then inject the ambience with music – you’ve got an experience that can easily go from minutes to hours.