Cut The Crab

9th January 2014
Forget cutleries, hands and bibs are all you need in Cut The Crab.

Having good table manners is indispensable when dining out. Yet, most of the time, table manner is probably not useful in helping you to extract the meat out of any kind of shellfish. Eventually, the annoyance will begin to set in, knowing you can do a better job simply by using your hands, but that also require skin thick enough to shield yourself from glaring eyes across the table.

That is exactly how Teddy Yulianto, used to feel when dining in a seafood restaurant. Thankfully, the frustration prompted a light bulb above his head. The solution? Cut The Crab, a seafood restaurant where one can let down their guard and enjoy them with their hands minus the judgmental stares.

Once orders are placed, a huge sheet of wrapping paper will be laid over the table while large comical bibs are handed over to you. Then, the server will emerge with your order placed in a metal pail and start pouring them onto the table faster than you can say, “What? No Plates?” Not that it matters, for the meal is more enjoyable and benefits from the absence of cutleries, where you and your company of family or friends are able get your hands down and dirty.

As the name suggests, the crab is the star of the meal. Patrons will have the choice of being served with Papua Crabs (only during dinnertime). Also, the seafood comes with two choices of handmade seasonings – hearty and spicy Cajun and the classic garlic. If you can’t decide, go for a mix of both.

The idea of having food by hands without any cutleries is fresh in Jakarta and will no doubt attract many patrons. Still, it is the quality of the food that ensures Cut The Crab will not be overshadowed by its own novelty.