22nd July 2016
Don’t brush off Cultivate as “just another coffee shop” in Gading Serpong area. The title “café slash dessert bar” is more fitting for this self-effacing space, as they deliver unforgettable toothsome desserts too.

With the growing presence of coffee shops in Gading Serpong, it’s easy to assume that Cultivate is “just another café” in the area. However, unlike its counterparts, the main star is not only coffee – it’s their desserts to be precise. The desserts at Cultivate should not be brushed off simply as a companion to the coffee or an effort to fill up the menu; rather, they are actually blessings in disguise.

Counting on Cultivate Co-Founder Jane Setiady’s experience as the Pastry Cook of Akira Back, each dessert choice is carefully crafted to provide new interpretations of traditional offerings, such as their attractive rendition of the classic mango sticky rice that incorporates substitutes like mango jelly and homemade coconut sorbet.

Beyond dessert, Cultivate also delights its patrons with coffee, tea and chocolate. Composed of international Brazilian and local Pasundan beans, their house blend (roasted by Coffee Smith) easily satisfies anyone from die-hard coffee enthusiasts to those who are just looking for the occasional quick coffee fix. Aside from it, the establishment also presents single origin beans from local roasteries.

It is of course recommended to hang out at Cultivate with your friends where the enjoyment of coffee and desserts are added with casual banters. That’s why the best seat of the house is at the back, where instead of the usual table and chairs setting, it is replaced with floor-seating style and a few beanbags thrown in for good measure. Don’t fret if you’re here without any companions, you can always opt to sit by the counter with the company of the baristas.

By focusing not just on coffee, Cultivate has carved out a niche reputation for itself by incorporating fine desserts into their menu. This way, fans of coffee are able to get acquainted with desserts, and vice versa. To sum it up, they’re simply killing two birds with one stone.