Crematology (Cipete Raya)

23rd November 2016
Crematology made its entry into the neighbourhood of Cipete Raya, comfortably residing in the lifestyle complex of The Buya.

The narrow, two-lane Cipete Raya Street of South Jakarta is a melting pot where small, family-owned neighborhood shops rub shoulders with the newer lifestyle establishments. Stretching just slightly over one kilometre, the street is lined with dingy and cramped greasy spoons, two-by-four mom and pop laundry stores and small shops selling mobile phone credit, slot in between restaurants, furniture stores and a growing number of coffee shops.

The coffee scene in Cipete Raya is definitely buzzing. And the appeal is further bolstered by the atmosphere of the neighbourhood where sipping a cup of coffee is accompanied with the muffled honking sound from bajaj (three-wheeled taxi) in a distance. This is the kind of experience one would encounter in Crematology.

Compared to Crematology’s flagship in the affluent area of Senopati and second branch in a mall in Puri Indah, with the fourth outpost in Cipete Raya, Crematology is establishing itself more as a neighbourhood coffee shops to the residents living nearby. Catering to the growing appetite for specialty coffee, the establishment in Cipete Raya brings the same formula of straightforward and uncomplicated approach to coffee.

When it comes to manual brew coffee in Crematology, caffeine hounds can choose from local, imported or guest beans to fit their preference. The European-style coffee shop also serves not only the staple classics – latte, espresso, piccolo and the such, but also frappes with fun flavourings, like Snickers and greentea, along a selection of non-coffee drinks, including tea and freshly pressed juice. If you come with a rumbling tummy, calm it down with their homemade pastry or the colourful smoothie bowls.

Located in The Buya, the three-storey lifestyle complex is smacked right in the middle of Cipete Raya Street. Should you decide to extend the duration of your visit, head over for a trim at Chief Barbershop next door or amble upstairs for a little retail therapy at Stow. But no matter what the decision is, it always feels right to start with a cup of coffee.